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Here are the (fresh) pages, for your affirmation of the preferrability of a World, the way I offer.

entry page

USA: A Front for World-Reform

Ist: Vizyonum (Ana sahife)

formaze for a re*education

formaze is for formal-education

informaze, for receiving information and records, are other, probably informal, information.

firmaze for real-money

For those who need money, this site integrates the financing issue into each of the issues (education, defense, security, etc.) - especially as my system is tax-free.

For investment/commerce, the firm-finance model (firmaze) is there.

Also in the finance-folder:
* Without Financial Engineering: Alternative, Islamic business strategies, contrasted with financial engineering, for strategical advantage.
* Money Storage and Transfer including an example, I formulate.
* Selem the unfortunately infamous transaction, although it is Islamic. I refer to it as a fine tool.


Home-resident, consumer-driven remote production of food,

armaze, to fight against security-threats

Security, Police

Emniyet, Polis

Starts at individual and groups level. Networked&Ready.


Defense, Military

Müdafaa, Ordu

Keep power local. Come together on need. Networked&Ready.

Simulations at home, to simulators (based on merit), to real war tools.


Representation, Politics

Political Categories/Philosophies


Islam, the faith, and Islam vs. symbolism are for your information, about Islam.

The farz & meditation of Islam, is good for any area of human-function. For example, (in addition to the major entries, e.g: firm-finance),


Health and Fitness Seamless integration of (public) health with medical education. etc.

Other Documents

Glossary of Terms. In its initial phases, yet.

Ahmed Ferzen/Ferzan R Midyat-Zilan (my names)

Publishing, Privacy, Copyrights Intellectual property. Publishing, privacy, protection, and copyrights.


For keeping accessible, I mirror from, the following., front


What is the use of evolutionism (except materialist escapism)?

art of loafing for research.

mock evolution, the so-called micro-"evolution"

Istanbulî, mekr-tekamül, yani şu güya mikro-"tekamül"

living (& traveling) through phenomenal time

phenomenal time is not "parallel universes"

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