The Wall of Zulqarneyn (a.s.), for stopping Gog & Magog

In the Quran, Kehf(18):93-98 is telling how Zulqarneyn (a.s.) built a wall to stop Gog & Magog. A metal wall, like a Faraday-cage, for stopping electromagnetic waves. Able for blocking scalar-electromagnetics (SEM), too?

The detector for scalar waves, as well as the Puharich ELF8 regulator, are gadgets that come encapsulated in their Faraday shell, for concentrating to their specific wave categories.

SEM is known not to stop at any shelter -- if I got that point right, about the physics/tech.

rightly motivated

I'm mostly interested in the human aspect. Motivated for protecting our privacy (& against witch-beings), I approach the physics, starting from zero, formulating hypotheses, and looking through the physics/SEM literature, to correlate the structure of our thinking. Let this whole page, risk with ignorance/hypotheses, at first.

All of the hypotheses I think/hint for interfering SEM, are hopefully testable with a scalar wave detector. (If traveling while detecting, we may have to keep cautious, if the gadget bending the spacetime, is working well only after a vacuum-conditioning. That could postpone detecting.)

I correlate physics/SEM, with the Quran. For example, what are/is the qTr (for)?

a PhysiQuestion list

PhysiQuestion Is gravity (the electrogravitation) constant all around? Is that only dependent on distance? In the case of geo-gravity, as we live on that, that may seem "all around," but for example, when the "gravity" is generated by a machine, is that machine sending a wave (in DEW-fashion, directed-energy-weapon), or is that changing all the gravity, "all around?" If we assume the former, then the trees and animals, and people, if intermediate on the path to target, they may lessen/absorb a portion, too (as a "G-potential" of a magnet is blocked by quite a few material types). Right? Even in the latter case, "all around" (resembling a bomb explosion), the good point is that, any detector (no matter located where), would detect all disturbances. Right?

PhysiQuestion Is there point-to-point [SEM] transfer (that is, without any wave-travel through any intermediate path)? That is probably the worst case, because the wave would not hit the gadgets first. Point-to-point shooting exactly to where the target is, irrespective of anything surrounding him/her. Even in that worst case, though, the population-explosion may help, when the target is not stationary. The target-tracking problem, as they need to pinpoint the existence of the target.

PhysiQuestion Is lumping viscosity-vs.-gravity, sensible? I was inspired by their interaction, when a ball is falling in a viscose liquid, acting against gravity. Subtractible causes?

for example: viscosity vs. gravity

That piece from Quran is interpretable, as a two-layered dome/saddle shape, with a burning-tar within that -- volatile, within the two iron layers. A capacitor, with a viscose interior -- pressure-jockey'ing for interference.

If SEM is electro-gravitation, and also traveling like a regular D.C. wave does, is that blockable by a capacitor, of special type? This wall is a [grounded] capacitor, as well as a Faraday wall.

if no shelter, at all

The heightened need, for taking notice of SEM, is that a Faraday cage, the tool for our highest anti-electromagnetic privacy, may turn vice versa -- if after we block out all the regular electromagnetic waves, the scalar-waves find the purest of our existence, not mixed up with any environmental noise. We need camouflage.

Now that we know patented gadgets, talking to the brain, we may build dummy gadgets, as-if-thinking people, to populate within a Faraday wall. They all air/have the human-like frequencies. (DNA-specializing, too?) They may "think" popular trivia. Stock quotes, text of www pages, photography, songs, etc. and also bot-like (cf. Turing test) response to thought/emotion-tinkerers.

With a herd of "thinking gadgets" that "think" with those characteristics, no wave would arrive to the target, alone. As a bot does not have any "private motive," the moment some unexpected content (not planned by yourself), is noticed in the "brain" of any gadget, that is enough to alarm.

The "gadgets" may simply exist as a wall (or, helmet), of integrated-circuits (IC), as well as toys.

The "thinking" gadgets is a way to keep a Faraday wall, without any counter-indication, whether your enemy has scalar-waves, or not. But if they really shoot with scalar waves, the special electromagnetics that they may notice with their equipment, may not necessarily be generated by your bots/wall of ICs -- unless you also have that extra technology, for tuning your ICs/bots.

For Further Information

I've so far found SEM information, mostly through Bearden. The SEM terminology here, implicitly pointing there.

I'm mostly interested in the human aspect (anti-abuse). Motivated for protecting our privacy (& against witch-beings anarchy, Gog&Magog, the antichrist, or KGB, or other conceivable neo-colonialist visions (MI6?, etc). For a private-thinking, you may need all of the next (hopefully, not more than that)

finding a hint (after hint, ...), biiznillah ,

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