In Quran, there is the story of KhiDir (a.s.) & Moses (a.s.), at one point, KhiDir (a.s.) "harming" the ship of good poor people, so that the tyrant that grabs all well ships, would not grab theirs. That is a wisdom.

do not feed that bear

If there is a tyranny and/or corruption in a territory, then keeping your precious resources away, is the logical.

If the nation is keeping a major amount of the (national) fortune out of that territory, that may impede the state coups, because cutting the cord with that money, would hurt the evil. In several countries, such military subversions being chronic, young or not-so-young military officers, expect political/financial earnings through such abuses. A tough stand that would not yield, is a remedy.

relative mobility

People may differ in their mobility -- w.r.t. their occupations, and their category of fortune. Therefore, if you would not make use of your available mobility, you are not fulfilling your social responsibilities. After all, that is the total amount of resources within the territory, that may water the mouths of the bullies.

Furthermore, the immobile resources may mostly not have equal grabbability -- except fruit trees, or so, the immobile thing, is something that does not allow sustaining a good-living standard.

And, to nullify a grab of land or other real estate, is relatively less of a problem. To find and get back, plundered gadgets, time/services, or money (after that is used up), may be less probable.

"budget deficit" as the myth?

In this type of nation, holding most of their properties and transactions abroad, the term "budget deficit" is not applicable -- because the "state borders" is not defining the nation. The hugest deficit in the territorial history would not send that people to any misery -- although the state may not find a lot, if any, to tax.

crawl, if not able to walk

Normally, walking is more convenient than crawling. But, if there is a calamity/gunfire, then crawling is an option, too. In Turkish, there is the word "sürünmek" that means both crawling, as well as [financial] misery. If not able to take your business-weight to a foreign country, assuming a relatively modest living-standard is good, too.

Properties, mostly the real estate category, which may be bound within the territories, may be the exception. Thus, a rule-of-thumb list is,


Tax-mobility is closely tied to the mobility of a fortune, people, & the businesses.

The "people" is a variable, not only because, most living people has taxable consumption, but also because bullies may try to extort money -- unless there is armaze for protecting the people, or a foreign [?] frightened is watching for retaliating, in favor of the victim/mazloom people.

Non-tangible values of international working are notable. As not all of your transactions, nor know-how (computers & people) exist in the problematic country, a grabs-hoping coup will fail.

To keep your most-attractive girls out of that troubling land, is sensible, too -- unless, again, there is armaze for a firm self-defense. To counteract any that may motivate the bullies to bully.

The most valuable type of people, except the helpless/useless old people, to keep within the territory, is the type that is called "jack of all trades" -- a master of none. He/she may represent all the R-world facilities (with mazing) from the foreign-resident people. If his/her ties were cut, though, he/she would not probably render anything useful. (That would resemble cutting the chicken that was producing/presenting a golden egg, daily.)

Even with armaze, I may again, think keeping most out of that territory. At most, a twelfth (1/12) of human and material resources may stay within that territory -- as if all spend a vacation-month, but that is not vacation. Keeping your business/system, a human-networking, running within there.

mending, in support of international warranties

A technician is a useful type, too. For example, if a tourism-time buying, or importing, of a TV, or camera, is inconvenient because of the problems when that gizmo fails, then a highly successful technician may serve.

That is, again, fitting the case of not containing the root of the living-standard within that territory. The gadget is produced by a foreign-resident firm -- that may belong to your cousin. The techie is smoothing the gap, and has the list of what would help for repairing that existing gadget, although not for building from ground up.

RRRR, for tax-repositioning

The extreme flexibility of RRRR, is good for tax-repositioning, too. For example, importing through a RRRR fair, would help cut not only the costs associated with keeping inventory, but also cut (or, shift) most taxes, too.

A fair/shop, if RRRR'ing through a firm (or, a few) that is working in a foreign country, all of that revenue is commissions, not other sales, and that commission is payable internationally, too -- not entering into the problematic country. Various combinations of foreign-linking may work.

nitty gritties

When/if the specific law intricacies allow raising your living standard, without raising the tax, we may exploit that.


A person who is a citizen of more than one countries, may pay his/her international taxes (for example, the commissions from RRRR, or the dividend/profit paid by a foreign investment), to that country he/she chooses.


With the RRRR flexibility of importing single items, we may get advantages of specific laws.

For example, in T.C., a customs-policy (if that has not changed) is that, to buy a gift from abroad (upto a price-level), is duty-free, within a month before or after a religious or national holiday -- that is six months, as a popular magazine had noted in 1997, w.r.t. foreign/internet-shopping.

Tourism may double -- expanding into freight business. Different types of items, not tens of a single type, may travel in a single bag. Through internet, we may coordinate bag-allocation. (Aeroplanes may have bag-loosing problem, but if traveling with your vehicle, that concern is also met.) That is normal to order (& pay for), through a friend/relative, when he/she is traveling, to get your wish-list from that remote location. A professional transport company (FedEx, etc.) may also do, but not all go all around the world, and for our case, that they may pay taxes is a problem.

"living on charity"

The T.C. law is letting a foundation tax-exempt status -- exempt of VAT, too, when buying food/etc. for poor people. If when all the people take their business out, the nation would need help.

Rather than giving to your relative cash for food (that he/she would buy food/cloth/soap/etc, from a supermarket, paying taxes/VAT, too), let a foundation distribute that, and your (needful) relative would get that from there.

The cash to a relative, is not guaranteeing that he/she would feed himself/herself well. That is a well-known problem. Addicted people (alcohol, drugs, gambling, and so on) may neglect their nutrition, etc. Thus, ensuring the wellness of your relative through a foundation would make sense.

That foundation you pay, may surely serve other people, too. If they do not aid your enemy, while they aid your relative (& other poor people), that is probably enough. Islamic people donate big.

If the producer of that food/cloth/soap/etc. is also making no profit (no income tax), that cuts a lot of tax, while people live happily. A firm may specialize in producing for charity-foundations, and may choose not to make profits. Non-profit organization, or "for profit" that is aggressively pricing, at the edge of profit-vs-loss. Good job.

RRRR was, right from the start, tuned for that ability of playing at the edge. Dynamism.

for more info

Notice that, the remedy I offer here, is aimed to address the most conscientious, not the vice versa. In normal cases, these people being the most-willing, to pay a fair share -- if that fair-share is through taxes, paying their taxes -- [almost] as a religious sensitivity. But when paying the tax is seen as immoral, the case is the opposite.

the otherwise "black"

In some countries, a huge segment of the market transactions is thought as not being reported. That volatility is good in escaping tax, but the nature of that is escaping words, too. I would have to find&list country-specific tips publicly, but that would be known to the tyrants, too. I list the strategies. I have left the "black" street-tactics out.

sword to sword
allies vs. all-lies

The T.C. case is widely noticed as a "sword of Democles" -- some military subversion is continuing to be called, on top of democracy. Although some of the people who left in 1997 might have returned, that who goes [again] is probably cutting most cords with the people within. Such stay-or-go both being traumatic, the remedy I order in this page, is a regular and cozy relief. Armed with technologies and human-networking, we optimize.

The general who had committed the Sept. 12, 1980 state-coup in T.C., has published it in his memoirs that, although they were thinking of making the coup earlier, the bad/chaotic economy was a concern. After the rehabilitation was started (with the principles known as "25 Ocak," "January 25," 1980), they found the coup doable. That may hint a key for preventing coups.

This tax-repositioning strategy, is a lot more versatile than most, if not all, trickery in the world -- & totally lawful.

In cases of "other" trickery, they often tell lieful things. If you learn what their trickery is, you may save your money. In tax-repositioning, no need to lie. Our afraid/anxious "whim" is the key.

Not only that we do not need to tell lies. We nullify the slanders of (corrupt) tyrants, too.

for any nation?

Tax-shifting to other countries, may be most applicable in a state which oppresses the people. If paying taxes does not improve that, and worse, if some state-based evil (state coup, & other tyrannical/corrupt bully acts) may exactly target the tax-paying people (because of group-envy, etc), the people may remember the trauma.

Although I have learnt of such [knee-jerk] responses first in 1997, yet others turn out to have lived with that consciousness, too. After the 1940s property-tax of T.C, the Jewish minority has kept out, as an interview in Mar. 2006 was informing -- years after I had started finessing tax-repositioning strategies. The humanity seems to have had a history of that, and the repulse.


R-world is not tax-based. No need for explicit tax-repositioning strategies, in a free-market, where people inherently keep away if abused. The tax-repositioning strategies discussed, are reflecting that to a taxful state.

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